If you don't want to use the contact form, you can also contact us in the following ways. Note that we prefer contact by E-mail or by the contact form if possible.

E-mail: Contact[at]versilstudios.net

      Ph.:  (860) 754-7808


If you call us (or, more accurately, me), please be prepared to leave a message, as I don't always have my phone handy. Please leave your name and number, as well as some details regarding why you are calling, and I will call you back within 12-24 hours. As a policy, we will NOT cold-call someone (e.g. call a number sent to us by e-mail).

Contact Us

This page is for inquiries about products, suggestions/feedback, sharing your work that uses our products, notifying us of website issues (like the e-commerce system being down), etc. You should hear back within anywhere from minutes to 24 hours at the most. You can also utilize smoke signals if one of our smoke signal observer towers is located in your county.

Other Methods