Brookline & Boston, MA

Durham, CT

When we're not recording sample libraries, we're recording everything and anything else. Our gear is hand-picked for its versatility, portability, and great sound.


I've personally engineered over 70 sampling and recording sessions over the past five years, from guitars to gayageums, ophicleides to oboes, and I look forward to helping you capture your sound the way it deserves.


Antelope Orion Studio Rev. 2017

2x Aston Spirit (LDC)

4x Rode NT5 (SDC) incl. Omni capsules

4x Antelope Verge (SDC) modeling mic
Royer R101

Shure Hercules (1950's dictation mic)

Shure SM57 & PE 56D

AKG D112

SE 2200aII


Adobe Audition, Harrison Mixbus, Cakewalk Sonar

Airturn and Manfrotto Stands

Custom Cables by Dan Getty Cables

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